Carpet, Tile & Grout Cleaning, Denver, CO.

ERA 303 Services Carpet Cleaning offers affordable and professional carpet cleaning services to homes and businesses in Aurora, CO and the Greater Denver Area. Whether you have residential or commercial cleaning needs, we are the solution!.

Our Carpet Cleaning Method

We use the most powerful and highest rated truck-mounted steam cleaning equipment available for professional carpet cleaners today. Upon arrival, the first thing we do is assess your particular cleaning needs, pretreat all high traffic areas, and then go to work. We set ourselves apart when it comes to steam cleaning in that we not only use the tremendous heat that our cleaning units generate but also add a secondary propane superheater to increase the temperatures to a consistent 250 degrees or more. This added heat does several things including:

1. Aids in much faster dry times.

2. Completely disinfects and kills any living bacteria, dust mites, etc

3. More effectively removes heavy oils and grease from carpet and upholstery.