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In an industry where there are many looking to make a quick buck, it is no wonder that many carpet cleaners don’t make it past five years. Unfortunately many consumers now have to be wary of the carpet cleaners they let into their home. As a consumer people telling you “we are honest and reliable” does not make it so. We realize it takes time to build trust with a client, and we are willing to work for it. We hope you will give us a try and let us earn the privilege of being your cleaning service provider on an on-going basis. We’ve been in business for more than 15 years which testifies to our reliability and honesty.

15 Years Experience

15 Years of ExperienceAs we mentioned before, many carpet cleaners don’t make it past five years. Many times it is because they are unscrupulous, unreliable and untrained. But we at ERA 303 Services, have taken the long view towards business and have put the time, money and effort to become one of the premier carpet cleaning companies in Aurora CO. It has paid off because we have been serving homeowners since 2001, over 15 years!


In our career in the cleaning service industry, we are constantly being challenged by new and interesting cleaning problems faced by our clients. Therefore, training is important for each and every technician we send out in the field. Each of our technicians has received one-on-one training in the following areas: our truck mounted hot water extractions systems, proper cleaning techniques, proper and safe use of chemicals and of course customer service.

Gold Shield Warranty

Gold Shield GuaranteeThe problem with most guarantees is they are difficult to read and understand because they are filled with a bunch of legal mumbo-jumbo. We at ERA 303 Services feel that it is unfair to you the customer, so we have a very simple and straightforward, easy to understand guarantee. Learn more about ourĀ Gold Shield Guarantee.